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Retail Kiosk Design, Franchise Plan 2022

Eastland Shopping Centre, Hobart, TAS

Sunshine Shopping Centre, Melbourne, VIC

and Multiple Locations in Australia


- 品牌

- 獨家材料

- 以時尚為中心的設計

Fabric Lab 不僅僅是一個零售空間,它還是時尚和紡織品愛好者的目的地,人們可以在這裡與材料互動、觸摸、感受和探索新的可能性。品牌本身就是空間設計的體現,材質與鏡子的融合,是店鋪身份的完美體現。









Innovative Design Phone solution Kiosks Contemporary Aesthetics Technology Melbourne Brand identity

Project Brief

Welcome to our innovative design project that fuses technological prowess with contemporary architectural aesthetics. This proposal is intended to introduce a pioneering concept of phone solution kiosks tailored to the vibrant and progressive cityscape of Melbourne.

Our design marries the multifaceted dynamics of the technology and franchise industry. It encapsulates a unique kiosk structure that offers a seamless blend of form and function, bringing together phone solution services in a compact, yet engaging design.

The underlying theme of our design is inspired by the digital language of our time, reflecting the brand colours that resonate with the franchise's identity. We aim to create a distinct visual impact on the urban fabric, ensuring an engaging experience for users and spectators alike.

The kiosk’s exterior is a captivating play of mirror and mesh, creating an intriguing interplay of reflections and texture that mirrors the city's vivacious energy. It represents a novel architectural language, bringing a fresh perspective to the city's existing spatial dynamics.

A prominent feature of our design is the strategic use of LED signages. The kiosk will host a circular LED ticker, an innovative and dynamic element that serves as both an interactive interface for users and an attractive digital display for passersby. The LED ticker will disseminate real-time information, maintaining a constant dialogue with the city and its inhabitants.

The brand colours will not only be reflected in the physical design but also integrated into the LED displays, creating a harmonious symphony of light, colour, and form. This approach will ensure a striking visual presence, cementing the franchise's brand identity in the city's consciousness.

In essence, our design project for phone solution kiosks in Melbourne is not just about erecting structures; it's about creating a new architectural narrative in the city's urban landscape. It's about designing spaces that resonate with the rhythm of the city, reflect the franchise's brand ethos, and connect with the city's inhabitants on a deeper level. We aim to create a dynamic urban icon that embodies Melbourne's innovative spirit while providing a comprehensive phone solution service.

Phone Solutions @
Sunshine Shopping Centre, Melbourne, VIC

As a flagship shop standard in Victoria, our design combines technology and contemporary aesthetics. With mirror and mesh exteriors, LED signages, and brand-colored displays, we create a modern architectural narrative that reflects Melbourne's innovative spirit.

Phone Solutions @
Eastland Shopping Centre, Hobart, TAS

Our franchise shop in Tasmania embodies consistency through a design that merges technology and contemporary aesthetics, It stands as a dynamic urban icon resonating with the city's rhythm and inhabitants.

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