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Verdant Houses

Architecture Design, 4 Townhouses 2023

Burwood, Melbourne, Victoria


Project Details :

The Eyre" townhouses are a blend of organic touches and modern design, uniting the world of nature with the conveniences of urban living. Nestled in the heart of Burwood, Melbourne, these homes echo the sophistication of contemporary design and the warmth of the natural environment.


Subdivision: The plot will be subdivided into four equally sized plots to house each of the four townhouses. Each plot is strategically designed to provide ample space for both the townhouse unit and an elevated landscape, ensuring that residents have both privacy and communal areas for relaxation and recreation. Design Features: Natural Elements: The facade of each townhouse will incorporate organic materials such as wood and stone, seamlessly blending with the elevated landscape, giving a harmonious and unified look throughout the subdivision. Modern Aesthetics: Clean lines, expansive glass panels, and minimalist design elements are integral to "The Eyre." The glass allows for an abundance of natural light, illuminating the modern interiors and providing residents with a view of the lush elevated landscapes. Double Story: Each townhouse will be double-storied, ensuring maximized space within the plot. The ground floor will primarily host communal spaces like the living room, dining area, and kitchen, while the bedrooms and private nooks will be situated on the first floor. Underground Carpark: To preserve the natural aesthetic and ensure more surface area for landscaping and recreational spaces, an underground car park will be developed. This car park will have dedicated slots for each townhouse and visitor parking. Elevated Landscape: Elevated landscaped gardens will serve as an extension of each townhouse's outdoor space. These terraced gardens will provide a sanctuary for residents, complete with seating areas, water features, and indigenous plants. The elevation will not only create a unique aesthetic but also promote drainage and ensure that each townhouse has a panoramic view. Sustainability Features: Solar Panels: Incorporated into the modern design, solar panels will be installed on the rooftops to harness energy, reducing the dependency on external power sources. Rainwater Harvesting: A system will be installed to collect and store rainwater, which can be used for landscaping needs. Energy-Efficient Windows: The expansive glass panels will be energy-efficient, ensuring that homes remain cool during the summers and warm during the winters, reducing the need for artificial heating or cooling.

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